Gryphon Morph - serial number is missing

Just for the heck of it, I downloaded this program (when it reminded me of a similar one that I had many years ago) and upon installation of it, it asks for a serial number and it's not included within the archive containing its ISO. Can someone please help out with the issue? Thanks a lot.


  • Maybe check the page on the website for a serial? Sometimes they are there.
  • It isn't there either.

  • Quick Google turned up this.

    Ctrl-F, search for "Gryphon", and you'll find it.

  • Added to the release.

  • Thanks very much, both of you :)

  • Another issue... the serial provided on the release page turns out to be not valid, when trying to use it when in the installation process. It's either that, or that the program itself could be corrupt if it's not accepting. Whichever way, I hope there's a solution to this.

  • The nuts thing is I must have had a serial when I took those screen shots. But I can't find the source where I got these files now. It should have been in the archives text file, but it isn't.

  • Ok, found one that works: 1500600354
    It looks like any number in the range of 1500000000-1500099999 will work.

  • Used it, now I've finally got it to install and work. Thanks very much :)

  • Hi there , had a copy of the original on a single 1.44 floppy disk and wrote the serial number on a piece of paper , "1500500360", best regards, Thierry.

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