Windows 95 OSR 2

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imageWindows 95 OSR 2

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  • This is great, Thanks for hosting it now and can install this on my old pc

  • Great site guys!

  • I love this site

  • I will send soon Windows 95 OSR2 PL ISO!!! :)

  • I wonder what's the limits of OEM PCs.

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    @Coroutines said:
    I wonder what's the limits of OEM PCs.

    In the Windows 95 OSR2.x days, obviously you'd have little flexibility in terms of supplied hardware, preinstalled bloatware (though not nearly as bad as the XP+ era; you could get Office if you got a high-end or business system) and only obtaining a "restore CD" or a companion CD lacking several setup files instead of the real Windows CD (big OEMs mostly).

    Then of course hardware advanced really quickly, going from a config of 200 MHz/32 MB/2 GB in 1996 to 1 GHz/256 MB/20 GB in 2000. Your decent 95 OSR2 PC would struggle with the newfangled Windows 2000 unless you shelled out additional cash on new hardware.

    And video cards, don't get me started on video cards with OEM PCs. Integrated Intel graphics were around then, and if they were crappy in 2007 imagine them in 96/97. If not you'd get something like an S3 that would make most games crash when started or texture glitches on others. Not many Aptiva, Presario and Dimension-calibre PCs came with Voodoos if at all.

  • Ooo! Is Nederland!

  • @kitty said:
    Ooo! Is Nederland!

    Please note this is an English forum.

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