Wireless troubles: Server 2012 R2

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Recently, I decided to load up Server 2012 onto my main machine. A little slow to start, but afterwards performance is decent.

Problem is, I must use a usb dongle for wireless. The laptop's wireless card failed and a replacement is impossible to find.
However, it has issues. When I browse any secure website, I receive certificate failures. In addition, downloads are frequently corrupt. When I boot into Windows 7, none of these troubles take place. The adapter's driver is up to date and compatible with Server 2012R2, the OS is up to date.

Every time I encounter one of these certificate errors in internet explorer(which is sensitive to these), this pops up in event log:

A fatal alert was generated and sent to the remote endpoint. This may result in termination of the connection. The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 10. The Windows SChannel error state is 10.

The ID of the error is 36888. The source is SChannel. This does not occur with hard wire, only wireless.

I'm looking for suggestions. So far, this has not been solved with 4 hours of searching and "fixing."


The dongles used are: Linkseys AE6000 and TPLink N600.


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    Try the CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 USB WiFi dongle; in my tests, it works perfectly with Windows and does not require any drivers to be installed by the user. It has a Ralink chipset inside BTW.

    Do the same issues occur with Ethernet? If so, there may be an underlying problem with the Server 2012 R2 install.

  • Makes no difference.
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    I am going to double post/bump as some time has passed and I found some interesting detail.

    I decided to get a trial of the original Server 2012 release, non R2. Wireless appears to exhibit no problems with that version. So it appears Microsoft did something to Server 2012R2 that messed up wireless, at least for me.

    I remember someone posting a screenshot in the desktop/screenshots board running 2012R2. Could any other Server 2012R2 users please, if possible, give wireless a try on their system? I want to rule out if it's only on my end or affects others.


    Appears I wasn't trying hard enough. Server 2012 first release also exhibits this problem.

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