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  • Whats the difference between office 95 pro @ office 95a pro?

  • @WhistlerXPWhistler7 said:
    Whats the difference between office 95 pro @ office 95a pro?

    That Office 95 Pro is "Office 95 Professional (RTM)" and Office 95a Pro is "Office 95 Professional (Revision A)". Like a minor change or bugfix

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    Should not forget the "Hall of Tortured Souls" easter egg. Look creepy easter egg. It's better to playing that easter egg game in Windows NT.

  • I think there's something wrong with the office 95a professional English ISO. Not only is it more than double the size of the English Office 95 Pro ISOs, it didn't install properly on my Windows 95 machine. It failed to create start menu folders and didn't copy some of the program executables to my HDD, even though I selected them to install.

  • Hmm, it tests ok for me and the CD images look genuine. That is the bookshelf version, hence the larger size. Clarified the download name.

  • Office 95 Standard(Chinese) is SC Version......Can someone upload a TC Version of Office 95 Std and a SC/TC Version of Office 95 Pro with Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0?
    Also,Office 95 Chinese can install in any Version of Winnt since 3.51 sp5 but can't use......It can only install and use in Win95/Win98/Winme.

  • 420-69420 serial
  • i mean 420-0069420 serial
  • Does this version of Office work on Windows 3.1?
  • No, Office 95 requires Windows 95 or NT.
  • Uploaded now: Microsoft Office 95 Standard Upgrade ITA 3,5"-DMF: 95 Standard Upgrade Edition IT/?id=16901
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