Rule: Do not request Windows XP or Office 2000

Do not request Windows XP or Office 2000 or later on these forums. If you do, your post may be deleted, and your account may be banned.

Since we are still seeing people failing to follow this rule, I am revamping this announcement.

Why does WinWorld not offer Windows XP or Office 2000?

Microsoft sent WinWorld a DMCA order to remove Windows XP and 2000. WinWorld complied with this and removed these specific releases.

Microsoft has asserted their copyright status. WinWorld respects this and therefore will not host Windows XP (or Office 2000).

Should WinWorld ignore this, it could result in further action that might result in the permanent shutdown of WinWorld. (As if we didn't have enough problems.) Any request for Windows XP is essentially a request for WinWorld to shut down.

Additionally, Microsoft still supports various incarnations of this software, and its availability competes with newer Windows product sales.

The purpose of WinWorld is to preserve historical software that might otherwise disappear from the face of the earth, and act as an online museum so that others may learn about the past.

Windows XP is not rare or in danger of disappearing. Therefore it does not need to be here.

Microsoft still supports various incarnations of this software. The Point of Sale edition is supported until 2019. If they want, Microsoft may even choose to extend that support. Some individual companies or organizations may have extended support contracts for Windows XP.

Continued availability of Windows XP competes with newer Windows product sales - Microsoft wants you to buy Windows 10.

Continued availability of Office 2000/XP/2003 competes with newer Office product sales - Microsoft doesn't want people to find out how much better proper dropdown menus are.

Continued availability of Windows XP also competes with other products - Dell really wants you to buy a new computer with Windows 10.

The presence of Product Activation in XP and later creates an additional problem, that potentially dangerous and unreliable cracks would be required.

Percent usage is completely irrelevant.

For those in urgent need of Windows XP, we recommend this fine web site:

You really don't like this? Get Satya Nadella on the phone. :p

Anyone who can not comprehend this fairly simple situation and requests/uploads/post serials for Windows XP, Office 2000 or later is not intelligent enough to be a member of WinWorld, and may be immediately banned.

Also, do not request, upload, or post serial numbers for any other non-abandonware.

For additional details you may wish to refer to the old thread.

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