Windows 95 OSR 1


  • Hi. Anyone have the Hungarian language ISO of this version?

  • oke, i dont understand it, how can i get the files on a diskette?
    if i open the file i see a lot of image files but i cant unraw them
    can someone explain?
  • "It was available as a downloadable update and as a full OEM CD."

    What's the first Floppy for, is it OEM or somehow it's retail or something else?
  • In which download? In most floppy distributions, there is both a boot and setup floppy. If your system already has DOS on it, then you can skip the boot disk.
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    wasnt windows 95 OSR1.0 or 2.0 Codenamed Nashville?
  • No. Nashville was a separate version intended to be the successor to 95, but it was cancelled in early 1996. OSR1/SP1 and OSR2 have no known codenames.
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