Tandy Deskmate Personal Deskmate

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imageTandy Deskmate Personal Deskmate

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  • it does not work, i need a systemdisk to boot :(

  • @Justin Sauren

    Did you readlly test it on Tandy 1000 system?

    Deskmate is for Tandy 1000 series, Not for IBM PC.

  • i dont have a tandy 1000 system

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    Without a Tandy 1000, the only other way to run this software is with an emulator. DOSBox supports Tandy emulation mode and MESS has Tandy Emulation. However, there are no known mouse drivers that work in Tandy graphics mode. The only known compatible driver is Tandy's bundled joystick-mouse emulation driver. (If anyone knows of a compatible driver or patches one to work, please post it here!)

  • ibmpc5150 i was trying to find a tandy 1000 system on ebay. but the tandy 1000 is hard to find :/

  • can it run on ms-dos or pc-dos?

  • Yes, Personal Deskmate is an MS-DOS program, and runs under any version of MS-DOS, but only if you have a Tandy 1000 or an emulator that supports Tandy 1000 graphics modes.

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