Firefox Quantum is great!

I've been using Firefox Quantum since beta 3 in September and I must say, I'm impressed. It feels much snappier than the old Firefox, and much more stable. I only had it freeze once, in the early beta stages. Some add-ons I use weren't compatible at first, but it seems like many are slowly being updated for the new version. I wish I could use it on my XP laptop!

RAM usage with 8 tabs open is 304MiB, about half of what it was with the old versions. I think we finally have a good browser again!


  • Looks like a bastardized mix of the tab style from the ie6 yahoo toolbar(colors are probably form the set Ubuntu has), mixed with webkit and edgey.

    Sadly, Firefox will continue downhill...
    When FF28 is completely unusable, Pale Moon for me...
    Hell I should switch now.

  • The square tabs are the one thing I don't care for, but it's certainly fast. The menu bar is hidden by default, but I always enable the menu bar because I like menu bars, not "3-bar" menus.

    I'm hoping they'll refine the interface a bit as time goes on, but it's a good start. If not, Pale Moon does look nice. I'd switch to it if they use the quantum CSS engine.

  • The UI can be made much more compact if you play around in the customize screen.

    I'll say it's rekindled my interest in Firefox because holy shit, the performance!

  • Firefox ESR is good enough for me, but this sounds promising. May switch to that over time. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  • The changes should appear next ESR update.

  • @calvinb said:
    The changes should appear next ESR update.

    Really? Well that may be so, but I don't want my location bar turn into a search bar when I've already got one on mine. That's of what the current ordinary Firefox had and this was the reason why I switched to ESR in the first place... same for the memory usage.

  • What version of ESR are you using? I thought you could always search from the address bar. There is a way to turn off search suggestions, if that's what you want.

  • It's 52.0.4, and no, it's not present in that build of it but it may when 56 comes about, but that's not until June next year...

  • To bump this, the source of greatness is now out for real, and I wonder who else has been using it since this very thread was made. Though I do want to know... can the menu bar be brought back in, like what you can for the standard versions of Firefox? Just curious, though it is crucial for me to know (when I'm not a fan of minimalist browsing).

  • @Bry89 yes, you can bring back the menu bar the same way as before. The only addon I'm waiting on at this point is noscript.

  • Just updated to Firefox 57.0 (Firefox Quantum).
    Yes, it does seem faster.
    Still using over 400 mb memory in just two tabs [(5) firefox.exe files]. Not much improvement here.
    Still can enable the Menu Bar.
    Built in PDF reader.
    Built in Print Preview that replaces my old Print/Print Preview Extention.
    AdBlock Plus Extention still works.
    Overall a nice update. Everything I need is still there.

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