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    To get it working on Virtualbox all you have to do is, before installation (or whatever part of it declines at the bios date), set the clock on your host system to match the appropriate date, and since Virtualbox has no bios of its own, this will trick it into thinking the date on the host is the bios date of the guest.
    To find out what date you need to set it to, you can find a comprehensive list of most of these builds, along with their details, screenshots, product keys and required bios dates and timebomb warnings, all on The Collection Book website.
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    4074 seems pretty cool and stable, I honestly think I might use it or a better one (if one exists) as a primary system after a while. It sucks that these themes don't exist outside of these builds. Slate and Jade look great.
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    Stuck at "Windows longhorn stuck at please wait while setup detects your computer's hardware".

    Edit: Nevermind.
  • Which build of Windows Longhorn is the best and most stable version?
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    hello whats the key of 4074 i need it for experiments
  • @popeye8200
  • whats the key for 4029
  • can we have the timebombs for the builds who ever can edit
  • Can we have a download for build 4083 x86? It has been leaked.
  • Build 4042 provided here is the Main version or the Lab06-n version?
  • @WinTester2633

    The version here is Lab06-n.
  • I get an error in windows 3683 and it says fatal error an error has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing help please😞😞
  • @The_windows_crazy

    Did you forgot to set the date on the BIOS? These builds (except 4074) require a specific BIOS date to boot and install. Build 3683 has a date of 23/09/2002.
  • @The_windows_crazy What kind of machine are you trying to install Longhorn on?
  • Please can you upload more working versions of Windows Longhorn. The versions of Windows Longhorn that I am requesting are .iso images of the operating system that looks like the next XP-like style operating system. That was before Microsoft changed the theme look of Longhorn-XP theme to Longhorn-Vista theme look. If Windows Longhorn was an officially released version of Windows, then I would have been a much better success than Windows Vista was back in the day.
  • @ubuntuxp virtualbox, but I solved the problem, but how can I access the files of the system32 of windows longhorn 3863. If you ask me it is to download its icons
  • hello guys i dont know whats the 25 characters product key from windows longhorn (build 4051 / x64 beta (no chk) ? im in trouble with this password key
  • @Tyuvalo

    P9BT8-6HBG3-GRF29-BM92B-M973D (ia64)
  • @The_windows_crazy you can use PowerISO or a similar tool.
  • I tried installing Windows Longhorn Build 4011 in Virtualbox with the correct date, but the error was generated telling me that debug assertion had failed in line 2171 in setup. Idk how to fix it. If anyone has a better copy of it, can you please add it? Thanks
  • Cesar Vesdani: "Which build of Windows Longhorn is the best and most stable version?"

    I think it depends on your own preference of "stable". Myself, I have a pretty long fuse where most Longhorns are concerned, knowing they're betas.

    3683 is pretty good, almost like Windows XP, considering it IS Windows XP with just a new theme and a few small additions.

    4074 has okay potential and looks great, but beware what virtualization software version and hardware you use; it can run smooth or the Explorer can be a pain in the longhorns.

    4093, same, the fan compiled installation takes seventy-six years to finish and leaves you with either an acceptably stable system containing a few quirks, minor lags and eyebrow raisers...or a sluggish heap that takes a full minute to open even Wordpad.

    5231 winds up pretty good, the last version where the settings behave and look similar to XP (even though the Aero theme has already taken over) and you can ignore the 14 day activation / time bomb entirely by using the error window to open IE, then open a Wordpad document, uze Wordpad's dialog to right click a folder and use the explore option to open everything back up, then use Task Manager to kill the SLUI once an hour and you're clear. Explorer in 5231 has its bad moments especially when moving or deleting large files, but mostly it runs all right.

    5259, about the same but a bit more laggy at times; when I jumped my clock back to the present date, the activation didn't kick in until after I tried tampering with the password and photo settings in the user profile (although it may have actually just been that I hadn't fully shut down the machine yet; a restart doesn't refresh the SLUI like a shutdown does)
  • "4074 has okay potential and looks great, but beware what virtualization software version and hardware you use; it can run smooth or the Explorer can be a pain in the longhorns."
    Hehe. Pain in the longhorns.
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    I was trying to install Windows Longhorn Build 4011 in Limbo x86 PC Emulator. It worked fine, but after a few moments in setup, it showed an error message that said some file is not debugged. I click retry and i can't even complete the installation. Do i need to add a extra QEMU Param? If anyone knows how to solve this plz tell me. Thanks
  • @Winfanforlife did you set the bios date to 2003-03-05?
  • Do you know how much the BIOS date should be changed when installing it?
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