Forum Bug: Minimum post length counts quotes

Like most forums there is a setting for a minimum post length. The idea is to prevent uselessly small posts like "Neat", "OK", or "I see". This forum software seems to have a bug, in that the content of quotes incorrectly adds to the character count.

(I've currently set it to 16 characters. If people keep treating this forum like Twitter I'll up it to 140 :P )


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    (1/2) You should set it to 280 characters, now that

  • (2/2) Twitter accepts tweets that long. :tongue:

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    I think that I may be leaving WinBoards.

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    Well, that is your decision. Everyone is welcome here as long as they can follow the rules and behave themselves.

    One of the rules is that posts should contain meaningful content. If you can follow that rule then there is no problem.

    But I will remind everyone once again that this is a forum. Not Twitter, or some other microblogging service. Short, meaningless posts like "neat", or "OK", are inappropriate for a forum.

    When someone goes to the trouble to load a thread in their browser, or receive a new posting notification, they want to see some content of value. Sometimes an informative post can be short, but usually not.

    It is unfortunate that "modern" communication methods have devolved in to what they have today.

    < old geezer mode> When I was a kid, I had to write messages as entire letters, ON PAPER, BY HAND, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, drop it in a mail box, and wait DAYS for a response. In the snow, uphill both ways! I would have gotten laughed at if my entire message read "Neat!". </old geezer mode>

    So how many characters have I typed? And I still don’t know if I managed to get my point across.

  • Is there also a limit for overly long posts? Cuz those happen too and are just as annoying (if not more so). I'm not sure I've seen many of them here, actually, but I'm mostly curious.

  • Not specifically by rule, but currently the forum software is set to a maximum post size of 8000 characters.

    Of course even for long posts, the same rule applies that it should contain meaningful content. Generally, long posts with no content are easily recognizable as spam.

    PS: “cuz” is not a word.

  • PS: “cuz” is not a word.

    I don't understand your point. You understood my meaning, therefore the collection of letters served it's purpose. Also, the dictionary is a living document.

  • Alright, my point is that "cuz" is not proper English, and those who say it sound like uneducated country hicks.

    Another general rule of English language forums is that people do their best to use proper English. This not only aids in English speakers better understanding one another, but also aids foreign language speakers using translation software. Of course no one is perfect, and with my constant fat-fingering I should not complain too much, but when people come here and abbreviate every other word like they do on their mobile devices, that is not acceptable.

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