[Request] AmigaOS

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Hello, another request is the AmigaOS, the Amiga has been around since a very long time and I think I should be in the abandonware because AmigaOS has been operating since 1985 and their last version of releasing is Amiga OS 5 Final Edition, I putted this up because I thought it would be cool to have it up and have other people try it our themselves.


  • AmigaOS is still being sold AFAIK

  • Yea, but the previous Amigas are not, because they use the newer versions of it and the old ones are not, the previous ones are pretty much abandoned than the newer ones, the last copy of their release was the final edition in 2015 and that is their last release of AmigaOS, it might be still being sold, but it is still going to be their last release of Amiga, and their is probably not going to be any more copies in the future.

  • Except those old versions ARE being sold, and the current rights holder enforces their ownership. Tough luck, you'll have to buy Amiga Forever or whatever they're calling it now.

  • But, although, I did get my hands on an Amiga OS XL ISO, but that is the only one I got though.

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