Solid-State Drives

One of my projects is reviving a dead ThinkPad T430 I got in 2013. It's an Intel Core i7-3520M with 8GB of RAM. I originally got it with a 500GB 7200RPM HDD, which has since been moved into a T520, and I was thinking of getting my feet wet with my first SSD. I was previously concerned with their reliability, but it seems like it's a lot better now than it was when I first heard about them.

So, what should I go for? I don't need a huge drive, 250GB should be fine. I've got a second 500GB drive that will go in the Ultrabay for data storage.

Once I get the drive put in, my next order of business will be replacing the stupid chicklet-style keyboard with a classic layout from a T410/420. In the end I hope to make it a "poor man's ThinkPad retro" :)


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    Sounds good!
    Long Live ThinkPads!
    Oh, and if you are going to have a 500GB data drive, a simple $50 SDD from Wal-Mart is pretty good.
    IE I have a 60GB Hdd for my IBM x31 and I have everything from a decade-long love of computers.

  • I ended up buying a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB drive from Amazon. I got a big Amazon gift card after trading in a jar of coins at a CoinStar machine. The drive should be here Wednesday (I'm a Prime member). Looking forward to it!

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