• N1.img is presumably the image to boot from. File reports 'pxelinux loader' which is kind of odd given that this system predates Linux by several years. N2 claims to be a floppy image without file system. The other images are tarchives, which has been confirmed with GNU Tar.

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    N1 is the first boot disk, and set up desk. N2 is the file system, as well as N3~N7. All files correspond to HD disks N1 and N2. I do not know how one would rebuild disk N2, perhaps from a 386 installation, converting the HD/Tar disks to DD/Tar. All media must be perfect, No errors. I cannot remember if N1 had a manifest on it, but it must to prompt you for disks N2~N7.

    GNU would report pxelinux loader, because it has no setting for Xenix.

    Please redirect and post GNU Tar lists.

    I stand corrected according to The manual N2 is the file system floppy.
    page 136.

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