Internet Explorer 2


  • Why so much explorers in this have "False" lang?

  • Because they were never retagged after transitioning to the old new site.

  • The info needs to say this was shipped with Windows NT 4.0

  • Will it work on Windows 3.0??

  • edited December 2018

    IE is only officially compatible with Windows 3.1 and up (16-bit version; this is win32). I wonder if it could be forced to run but I doubt these are Windows 3.0 executables to begin with.

    If you have 95 OSR2 or above, you could remove IE3/4 and replace it with IE2. That should work. Earlier releases of 95 are obviously supported.

  • Ah, yes, my favorite language, "False".

  • @AlexThe444thMaker
    Experienced that too. Didn't notice it on my laptop but I notice it on this other laptop. Haha, they should correct that.
  • Any idea about how to install this version of IE? I can't find any way to run it.
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