Revised MacOS 1-5 downloads

I have revamped the downloads for MacOS 1.x through 5.x. Pretty much everything that had been there was badly crufty, and has been cleaned up and re-organized. More System 6 cleanup and additions will come later.

I hunted down and replaced many of the images with fresh, untouched copies. It is hard to find good copies as the early Macintosh ran entirely from their floppy drives.

There are still some that need redumps:

System 1.0 (.97) Finder 1.0
System 3.0 Finder 5.1 [French]
System 3.2 Finder 5.3 [French]
System 3.2 Finder 5.3 [German]
System 1.1 Finder 1.1h (Guided Tour) [French]
System 2.0 Finder 4.1 [French]
System 4.0 Finder 5.4 <- missing the System Tools disk.

It is a little disappointing that there are no good dumps of System 1.0 (.97) Finder 1.0 out there. That was the first official release.

It is also unbelievable what a mess some of the Mac sites out there have. Trying to find a decent file on some sites is like digging through raw sewage. Piles of badly mislabeled crufty incomplete damaged copies from who-knows-where that clearly no one has been arsed to look at.

Even Wikipeida is screwed up. Wikipedia adds some additional "System Software" numbering to 1.x-4.x System versions. Apparently this came from some old Apple developer CD. It looks like someone got confused by the "System Tools" and "Utilities" software bundle revision numbers prior to 5.0, and tried to retroactively shoehorn the releases in to a numbering scheme around those.

Wikipedia's "0.1", "0.3", "0.5", and "0.7" numbers appear absolutely nowhere on or in the disks. It doesn’t fit them, and is actually WORSE fit for the System Tools bundles since they differ by model. The worst part is, it seem over the years some idiots have adopted this gibberish numbering scheme, so you never know what you will get when you look for "Macintosh System Disk 1.0".

Wikipedia's/Apple's Developer CD "System Software" numbering scheme is GARBAGE and should NOT be used.

Apple's early versioning scheme was a mess. The early disks did not have versions printed on the labels, and the "System" version number was hidden from the user. The only version number visible to the end user was that of the Finder. Some system disks were bundles of system tools or utilities, and had printed version numbers reflecting the bundle revision, not the OS. Floppy disks have a Part Number on the back, but this refers to the documentation bundle.

On WinWorld, we will now refer to the versions up to 5.x by their System and Finder version numbers. To hopefully reduce confusion, I have added the source (System Tools and their revision or other disk) and the release date.

For organizational purposes, we prefix the files with "Apple Mac OS", although that term was not official until much later.

Anyway, please have a look at them and see if there are any obvious mistakes, not that all of the new files are perfect.

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