OS/2 Warp v4 fix packs

I have the fix packs on my system for anyone that wants.

Go to http://www.applewoodbbs.dtdns.net/files/local/ibmos2fx/ (see 00index or files.bbs for content)

Also at http://www.applewoodbbs.dtdns.net/files/local/ is os2docs and os2utils and for many more OS2 software see

http://www.applewoodbbs.dtdns.net/files/gfd/ for lots more many current.

If you want to grab lots also available is anonymous login for ftp at

applewoodbbs.dtdns.net use password of anonymous and your email address for password and no I do not keep them.

IF grabbing a large amount, have a rest after an hour or two if using high speed downloads of => 15MB so that others can also use the system as bandwidth for uploads is a little under 18 MB and this system is also used as a BBS as 2:250/1@fidonet


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