Why can't I check my uploads?

Once WinWorld was back up, one of the first things I did was check the my uploads, but the page wasn't there. I ignored it and thought it eventually come back , however, it's still not there.


  • Not implemented.

  • When will it be implemented?

  • @whistler2250 said:
    When will it be implemented?

    Soon™. Be patient.

  • It's not a simple thing to implement, and there are really no good pre-built solutions. FTP is inelegant and crufty. Web browsers Suck Balls™ as a large file transfer tool (It's why you can't upload anything larger than ~100mb to Vetusware). And if you step outside of anything "standard" then you have to rely on client software, worry about compatibility, worry if it cross platform enough, worry if people can install it with limited permissions, worry that protocols might change, and so on.

    Which reminds me, I'll eventually need access to the old contribution folders. There were a number of large ones I never got around to downloading. I believe they were all backed up.

  • There was a page that was quickly cobbled together to at least show contribution history previously. I've been meaning to look into the code and see if I can put up a pull request for it, but I haven't had time.

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