Windows 3.1 and 3.11 Checksums Not Matching

I have downloaded several Windows 3.1 and 3.11 files and none of the SHA1 checksums posted on the download pages for those files match the checksums of the files that are actually downloaded.

Microsoft Windows 3.1 (3.10.103) (3.5).7z
-- Website: 6620162a6d54c38dc2a13fc3a2c39c0dc39b2eef
-- Actual: 6620162A6D54CDA13FE2DC0DDB2E9EDF909B37A3

Microsoft Windows 3.1 (OEM) (5.25).7z
-- Website: c3bac2b00bc5a0e280b02516c394c390c2b4c38a
-- Actual: FAB00B8A892516D4D0B4CAF4B56E1768164AC8F7

Microsoft Windows 3.11 (Retail Full) (3.5).7z
-- Website: c2b337c2b7c3b84de2809ec3bc3107c290125c78
-- Actual: B337B7F84D84FC310790125C780197CDD9C0E578

**Microsoft Windows 3.11 (OEM) (3.5).7z **
-- Website: c38fc3a11ce2809cc3b8434623c2ac5504373eef
-- Actual: CFE11C93F8434623AC5504373EE58DCB7291B449

Can you explain what's going on with these? Do you have the wrong checksums listed on the website or have your files been corrupted? I have not found one of these where the checksums actually match...



  • I think the checksum data in the database got corrupted somewhere along the line during the move to the new site. Calvin was looking in to that. All of the files should be OK and unchanged.

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