We're getting a new download server.

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We're getting a new server for the downloads, courtesy of Zimmy. This has two positive effects.

A) People won't bitch because the downloads are slow / broken.

B) The forum will be faster, and there should no longer be a reason it'd go slow.

It should be ready within a day, and I'll add a link on the site at that time.


  • I downloaded some 3mb DOS file that's been uploaded and got a transfer rate of like 470kbps, if that matters. This is an unmetered server, so don't worry. In addition, save me some hassle, there's other things hosted on this box, DON'T use download managers.

  • Oh, believe me, it'll be monitored once they notice how much bandwidth is being used haha
  • Applications, Games, Browsers are now uploaded. The download page has also been updated. Operating Systems should be done within a few hours.
  • picture1kk8.png

    How's that for speed eh?
  • Once I'm done uploading all the files, I'll try downloading, THEN we'll see how fast it really is.
  • Well so far, it hasn't put a "dent" in my server preformance yet.
  • Cause all those kids were still getitng it off mine.

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