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ATTENTION EVERYONE: We are currently looking for the older Doom games, Quake 1 and 2, and Wolfenstein 3D.


  • duff use his, all his work
  • 8)

    im going to ever-so-slowly download his overnight and everf-so-slowly get them onto my fiber http....
  • Don't forget Descent, which is only the best DOS game of all time.
  • UP-ON-CPU wrote:
    Don't forget Descent, which is only the best DOS game of all time. ... 928#114928
  • Oops. Well you should still add it to the downloads!
  • A DOS game dump?
    Boy howdy, could I contribute.
  • Wait, did people actually play games off the floppy disks?
  • Yes :-|

    There was a time when people ran entirely off of floppy disks.
  • Yeah, but not in the 90s! Unless you were like me and still using your old Apple][...
  • I was doing it in 2002.
  • I did it in 2004

    For this one DOS game... I forget it's name... A helicopter sim, wasn't that great.
  • Back in 2002, I used brag that I could fit all of my documents, my operating system and the programs I used on a single floppy disk. (I didn't use a lot of programs or have a lot of documents)
  • What OS was that? A DOS boot disk that could also be used for storage?
  • It was DOS 4.01. I'm not sure how long I ran on floppies only, but eventually I did get a hard drive. A whopping 11 MB. I was so happy when I got that. I think it was actually supposed to be larger than 11 MB, but the settings were wrong in the BIOS or maybe the BIOS didn't support it. I don't know. It died in the end anyway. I replaced it with a 120 MB drive and I remember thinking how huge it was and that I'd never fill it up.

    Then I got my next computer with 160 MB hard drive and I filled that up pretty quick. I had to use drive compression to gain some extra space. Eventually that drive crashed and I got a 1.2 GB drive and that's actually how I was introduced to this community.
  • Wow.
    I must be really spoiled to have an IBM Aptiva with a 486 at 66mhz, 500 mb HD, 64 megs of RAM, Win95 and perfectly configured DOS.

    I forget if I put my AWE32 in it or not.... Sound blaster 16 at the very least.
  • I'm so young. My first HD was 500MB. :P
  • I'm pretty sure that the 11 MB drive was supposed to be 500 MB or something else larger. I really didn't know what I was doing back then, so I can't be sure of exactly why it was only 11 MB.
  • The first after-market hard drive I bought was 80GB. The first one I had in a computer was like 40MB though.
  • Well now that you're taking about HDs...

    My first HD drive was the old Western Digital 40GB IDE, ATA133 one (now on my aunt's PC, in San Juan, Argentina) which obviously came with my first PC (now uncle's).

    And the first after market one is the WD 500Gb, SATA2 which I'm using now :)
  • Wow, floppies were the high tech stuff. If I wanted to store files on my timex sinclair 1000 (a computer for those of us without rich parents) we had to store them on a cassette tape using our own cassette recorder plugged into an audio jack. You got about 160k on a 60 minuite cassette. The problem is it wasn't random access like a disk but you had to know apporxamatly where your program was, thank god for tape counters! Of course 160 k was a lot of programs for my 2k ram machine.
  • I never used a sinclair, I figured in my own snobbish way at the time that they were toys and I was repairing mainframes for IBM. Now any kid with a low end discrete video card has more parallel compute power than those mountains of steel.

    Best floppy games I recall were 80's versions of Ancient Art of War and Ancient Art of War at Sea. CGA high quality graphics looked a little rough.
  • I really joined the computing game late. Our first PC was a 486/66 we got for free from my uncle, who's company was upgrading.

    I should've been born 5-10 years earlier.
  • I wish I had gotten into computers earlier. My first computer was a 286 back in 2002... I'm ok with the hardware progress I've made, but I wish I had made that progress many years earlier.
  • My family for a 486 at 66mhz IBM Aptiva when those were the shit back in 1994. I thought Commander Keen was the coolest damn shit in the world.

    Then my brother got some cool games going, but never let me play them. (far as he knew, I never did.)

    Imagine the jump when the next computer my family got was a WinXP celeron 1.3ghz with 120gb HD. It was a really low end computer, (HOLY SHIT 4MB VIDEO CARD) but it taught me the ways of the GUI.

    A year later a teacher from my school gave me his old Win98SE computer, and I liked it soooooo much more.
  • Well, I got my first computer personally in 2002. But as for family computers, I know we had a commordore64 at one point. Then we got an old Sanyo which was like an 8088 I think. No hard drive, just two 5.25" floppy drives. This was back in 1997? 98? around that time.

    Then my sister got a compaq presario laptop for school in 1999. It wound up being used as a family PC. It had an AMD K6-II @ 366mhz with 32 MB of RAM running Windows 98SE. We upgraded the RAM to 96 MB. It also had a 4 GB hard drive split into two partitions. One for a restore, the other for the main windows partition. I still have this drive, now inside a USB enclosure.

    Also, around 1995-1999, although it wasn't ours, we did have access to my Uncle's 486 33mhz with 4 MB of RAM, 160 MB hard drive, running windows 3.1 and DOS 6

    We continued to use that old laptop until 2002 when my sister bought a Dell Dimension 2350. It had a P4 1.8 Ghz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, 30GB HDD (was supposed to be 40 GB... fuck you Dell), and a CD-RW (again, supposed to be a DVD-ROM...) They sent us a 40 GB drive when the 30GB crashed and they sent us a DVD-ROM when we called and complained.

    That concludes the evolution of the family PCs...

    We used that Dell until 2009 when the motherboard died. However, many parts of it live on in other computers. The 40 GB drive (later upgraded to 160 GB) is in my server. The CPU is in my dad's computer. The RAM (later upgraded to 768MB) is sitting in another Dell Dimension 2350.

    My mom used that old Dell as her computer for some time, now she's got an AMD Athlon X2 2.7 Ghz with 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB HDD, ATi Radeon HD 3870 running Windows XP Pro SP3 (trying to convince her to move to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit)
  • I've been working on a graphical history of computers I've owned, right now it just covers my main PCs and family PCs.

  • Oh holy shit! That packard bell monitor is one I used for *years*

    I used it as my main monitor on my 286 and my 486 until I got the 17 inch in 2004. So from 2002-2004 it was my main monitor and from 2004 to 2009 I used it as an extra monitor for other computers.

    It never worked right and I finally got rid of it when I got a bunch of new monitors.

    Also, I still have that wallpaper.

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