Screwed by Red Hat/KDE

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OK, I installed RH9 with KDE 3.1 without development tools, thinking "I'm not going to compile anything." (:roll::roll:). I then decided to upgrade to KDE 3.1.4 so I could use Kopete So I get the 3.1.4 RPM, and the xyz (Qt/aRts/libs) RPMs and install them. Then after the Kopete RPM goes nowhere, I get the source and try to compile, but there's no compiler in the system! I grab a RPM of GCC (Compiler) and install it. It needs X Window and KDE development tools. I finally figure it out, and let RedHat install them for me from the install CDs. I install the X Window development tools and start on the KDE development tools when...


Where's KDE-development tools 3.1.2? (I'm in KDE 3.1.4)




  • You need a fresh-start

    Please read the before installing, if you need to deinstall the previos kde environment, or can they both be together, may you can get this help at
  • Well, after compiling Qt 3.3b1 and screwing Konq I've reinstalled RH9.


    PS. NOw to upgrade to KDE 3.1.4...
  • :idea: you could do this two option that i would:

    Not install kde when you install red hat. and use another window manager to install the new version.

    Install kde from the twm which is a default window manager intalled by Xfree86 (X-window), from the command line write twm enter and it will come to your face.

    In the mean time, I will research a third method from kde, and I'll let you know.

  • Well, again, I need to know if you got kde installed, then if not, here is the third posibility.

    When In red hat delete the kde environment and install the new one, remember that you may meet the kde requirements.


    for 3.1.x.x you may already have them in your cd distros, if not you can download them from the same above link.

    But i got you a better solution :

    OR try this tool, personally this shall work!!!!!!!


    "Konstruct" is a build system which helps you to install KDE releases and applications on your system.

    Once again, good luck!
  • Thanks for all that,

    but since RH9 will no longer be supported, I'm found a Linux flav that is made for my architecture (SuSE 9).


    PS. I screwed that one too see 'SuSE 9 and the Filesystems'
  • the above information works for almost all distros and future kde revisions. so just if a new release pop up, you've be prepared.
  • Thanks! That'll help alot!

  • Hey Q, you should get GENTOO Linux, if you know how to compile then its easy to install. The best part is say if you wanted a new version of KDE all you have to do in GENTOO is run this simple command emerge kde 3.2.1 It will download it, comile it and install it all by it self. Makes updating way easyer.
  • All I know about compiling:

    make install


    make dep

    or something like that.


    PS. RPM sux!
  • Then try out gentoo linux.
  • HeH, I remember when you told me that Gentoo was too leet for me, or something like that.

    OK, someday, I'll go down that road.

  • It use to be way leet to install because you had to edit a few things but they made it easyer. When I used it I just copyed the examples out of the manual.
  • OK, I'll get there, maybe in a VM.

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