"Competing" sites

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This thread is to clarify that at the administrator level we do NOT consider ourselves to be in competition with, or be the competitor of any other beta or abandonware sites. One frequently mentioned (or that we are frequently mentioned on) being BetaArchive.

Anyone who claims they are competing is comparing apples to oranges. We are all about free simple distribution, whereas they are all about community and discussion. Both sites are constantly accusing each other of "stealing" files from each other, yet neither one actually owns any of the files in the first place. The two sites happen to have a common interest in betas and abandonware and happen to have some common files, and even alot of members who visit both sites.

The administrator of BetaArchive 'Andy' and myself discussed this yesterday, and both agreed that we do not consider ourselves competitors, and that its only the childish users who think there is some kind of rivalry between the two.

Nobody cares where the files came from as long as they're being distributed, and nobody cares who is on which sites boards.


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