Guest Posting Enabled

edited May 2011 in News & Announcements
Since stitch implemented a HTTP/1.0 block on WinBoards, I've decided to enable guest posting. If there is an influx of spam, I'll just disable it again.


  • Well it was nice while it lasted, but were again being inundated by spambots / people posting spam.
  • Is that HTTP 1.0 block still active?
  • yea but apparently its like, a real person doing it, and its never spam that makes sense... its like someons saying "OK WHOS NEXT?" 3 minutes apart over and over again... seriously, i dont understand what the point is
  • If it was a real person, why wouldn't they just register?
  • thats what i dont fucking understand. seriously, they do it like 3-4 minutes apart over and over again, what a waste of their time.

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