more extended downtime =(

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I'm sorry in regards for the extended downtime. This screenshot should be fairly evident why it happened. We are fully restored, only the www data and the forums php/database were affected. all downloads were on a second hard disk that is still operational.

I took this time to finally migrate over to a fresh installation of alpine linux, rather than debian wheezy that in reality was many years old, having been dist-upgraded successively on the stable/testing cycle from sarge. the installation was showing clear age of use and abuse. I highly doubt recovery would have been possible of the *entire* OS given the failure of so many sectors.

The disks are available for a software raid 1 setup although i need to still initialize the array. i will get around to this and the boards may be slow while it syncs, although it will remain usable. I also have not installed eAccelerator yet, you may see random 503 errors or such while I do get it working (Alpine's PHP doesn't look to be compiled with zend support and I do not see a package, sad). This will be normal and we'll be aware. We'll try not to leave them for *too* long.

I would also like to migrate the PostgreSQL data from 8.4 (what we ran on debian, which is now hastily compiled on Alpine with absolutely no optimization whatsoever) to 9.1 which will require an upgrade process I'm still working out, I will reply to this topic and lock down the boards before I undergo the process.

As per usual the typical stitch "put this on the back burner" neglect. I do apologise, work and personal matters have really taken my focus away from it the entire time. We have noticed an influx in our IRC users and we invite you to feel free to keep lurking around. I have noticed a fair amount of you asking where we went and quitting a minute or two later. We're a small group but we are fairly active but we might take some time to respond. I personally keep good tabs on IRC at both home and work, however I may not have time to *chat*. If that's the case I'll make that known while answering the question. The other admins, Duff and Ka0s, are also both somewhat attentive to the channel.


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