Submission - Softkey KeyCAD Complete for Windows

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Picture of floppy: ... sp=sharing
Front of box cover: ... sp=sharing
Inside of box cover: ... sp=sharing

.7z file: ... sp=sharing

Apologies if the photos are a bit too blurry, my camera is almost as old as the software is. :P

If this software could be added to the archive, it would be much appreciated. I couldnt even find an image of the box on google, so I'm not sure how many copies are still floating around.


  • I'm not sure who's managing submissions anymore, but for the sake of my curiosity into older software, I decided to have a look at it.
    It's a nice simple little CAD program. I'm guessing it was developed to be a budget competitor towards AutoCAD, only having the basic features needed to do a simple drawing. I've heard of SoftKey before though, they were the company who acquired WordStar.
    Just a tad piece of history.

    Thanks for the submission!
  • Thanks for the feedback. It was a nice little cad program, and it ran well on my dad's old NEC Versa laptop. :D

    I have quite a few Softkey titles laying around, among them, Key Clip Art, Key Photos, and a personal favorite of mine, Key Home Gourmet. Key Home Gourmet was a recipe database/cookbook application with thousands of recipes pre-included. I can upload a disk image if anyone's interested.

    It amuses me how software cds in those early days rarely took advantage of the cd's higher capacity. The Key Home Gourmet disk contains only about 10mb. :lol:
  • Softkey were so horrible. I have some horrible programs from them on floppy disks, they're so hilariously budget class. It's wonderful lol.
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