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Wondering if the site is available via rsync. Tried to list modules and it seemed to not be open to rsync, or it is running on a non-standard port, or my URL isn't right. My guess is the site is available via http/ftp only.

Did a quick search of the forums and it seems like the mirrors rsync between themselves, but that's all. I run various mirrors, linux distros and whatnot, and would love to mirror these as well. I've done an initial download of the site via http or ftp (don't remember/also, sorry for the bandwidth theft), but it gets problematic to actually keep it up to date without rsync. So either I keep a snapshot, or if rsync is available to me, I can keep it up to date.

As a sidenote, it seems to not be very desirable to have a home-based mirror, for obvious reasons, but the requirements that I've seen are pretty small. So I'll have it for myself, and if you want to be able to add it to an official mirror list, I leave that up to others. I've got several TB of space (like >10 free) on the storage server, webserver is already indexing everything, and I've got 50 Mbps synchronous service. Although from the mirror signup form, it seems you want access to the server, which isn't happening (no offense).


  • 50Mbps symmetrical? Post a speedtest, you got a deal.

    When we say we don't want home based servers we don't want those with 1-2Mbps upload and residential ToS forbids servers. People get this stuff for free, so I'm not entirely concerned that it's up 100% of the time, but we would like to keep some respectable mirrors. I would likely pool yours in as the last available as the others have larger BW allocations.
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