REQUEST: Win95 Upgrade from OSR1 to OSR2

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I recenltly made a VM with OSR1 Win95 on it. Upon installing VMWare Tools, I got an error. Googling said I needed OSR2. So I got OSR2 off WinWorld. And it said i Needed the Upgrade CD. WinWorld have no Upgrade that I have seen.


  • All the OSR versions were OEM (OEM service release), so there won't be any upgrade CDs.
  • It is giving you a message telling you it can't upgrade when you run setup?

    The OEM version is not intended to run as an upgrade. Potentially odd things can happen, and a fresh install is much more desirable.

    But if I recall correctly, you can force it to run as an upgrade by copying the setup files to a folder on the C: drive (good thing to do anyway), create a file called MSBATCH.INF in that folder and add the following two lines:


    That should force it to run as either a full install or upgrade as needed.
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