REQUEST: Windows/386 2.01

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This build is a rare version of Windows 2.0, and the only leaked version is the Compaq OEM, made well before MS released Windows 2.03. This is on BetaArchive, and can anyone with BA FTP access give me this version because I don't have FTP access?


  • Now can someone on BA give it to me?
    How would we know? This is WinBoards, not BA.
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    I would like this rare version of Windows anyway, because I'm interested. Now can someone on BA give it to me?
    We're not bettaarchive. Seeing how suddenly we're getting people out of the woodwork showing up for this one thread makes me want to dump this topic in the river and drop a refer block since I see this thread was mentioned somewhere.
    Anyways, request denied. For now. I'll possibly find it later since it is really something I think we should offer.
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