[Request] Chex Quest

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I'd like to request this game to be on WinWorld.

Chex Quest is a first-person shooter created by Digital Café in 1996. It was provided on CD-ROM for free on specially marked boxes of Chex cereal, along with a trial offer of America Online internet service.

Think of it as the kid-friendly version of id Software's Doom.

Would this be all right to have on WinWorld if somebody has it?



  • I don't know if this is what you are looking for but I googled your game Chex Quest and found a website that offers all 3 versions in one application for free.
  • Wow... nostalgia trip.

    I actually have a chex quest CD somewhere. I wasn't aware there was more than one version of it. I remember installing on a friends computer because we didn't have a CD ROM drive. That's also one of those games I just never finished.

    Anyways, for completeness sake, I'd probably just grab the one that birdy linked to. Otherwise, I could potentially be persuaded to make an ISO of my CD.
  • My best excuse would be that the CD-ROM also contained full-motion video sequences.
  • This has been added into our library under the games section.
  • I can't find a download link in the library.
  • Nice, it looks like stitch ran in to the same bug I did the other day. The download wound up in the void.

    I have unlinked and re-linked it to the proper entry.
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