[OFFER] Screenshots for Windows Betas

There is a lack of screenshots for unstable versions of Windows, so I think I can help with that. I'll have plenty of time after I finish my last examination on 11th November, and I will be doing a lot of comparing between all the betas available here.
Are there any specific requirements for the screenshots, such as screen resolution?


  • I don't think there's too many requirements to list. The site prefers PNG images. SomeGuy and a few others have been adding in WinWorld references when they can. Otherwise as far as screen resolution goes I guess use what was common in the era?
  • I'll try to use 800x600 (if I can setup video; if not, it will be 640x480). VMware Workstation makes PNG screenshots, so that's settled.
    I'll publish a link here when the screenshots are done.
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