Reduced Download Capactiy

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We are currently running on only a functional wdl2 as our primary server has been reduced to 10Mbit/s forcefully by our provider. We aim to have this resolved in the next day or two. The site may feel sluggish until this is resolved. The majority of our library is available on wdl2 although not the newer contributions since the new site was launched. Contributions/processing will still work however it's advised to hold off until this issue is resolved to preserve bandwidth for the site.

You can read more about this at


  • Services are now restored to normal speeds however downloads will be down for a few more days. The reason is to get the 10mbit/s port throttle lifted that was absolutely degrading things to hell, I had to either move to a billable bandwidth plan where over 20TB costs me more money under obligation, or wait an extra day for the reset and have another 24 hour period where the site is pretty much inaccessible.

    In order to get things back online sooner rather than later I opted for the permanent on this server billable bandwidth arrangement. There is absolutely no reason the site should have been degraded to this level under such a throttle when implemented properly. Their incompetent support refused to acknowledge this. I do not expect much at all out of them however when I am unable to get a response from SSH, in their rescue environment - I do expect some intervention.

    In order to get out of this bandwidth arrangement I will be double dutching them. I have a new i7 3770 (currently on i7-2600) from the dutch auction 'serverbidding' at a lower price than what we have now. I will have to do a migration but it will be worth it just for the increased CPU power alone. The downloads on wdl1 will remain offline until this is complete.

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