Migration beginning

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Hi Folks,

As stated in the last announcement "Reduced Download Capacity" I am beginning to start on the migration over to a new server.

We will begin by syncing up the website and ensuring that it is operational on the new server. I do not anticipate issue with this beyond a 5 minute DNS cut-over. You will see a warning in place of the site when we do the cut-over on the old server.

Going forward until this is complete please refrain from submitting contributions.


  • The filesystem initial rsync completed about 8 this morning (US/Central) and I am resuming this now.

    I am directly migrating over the *entire* OS of rainicorn and booting it on the new box. At the moment I have this booted without networking. Once this is resolved and functional on new IPs I wlll properly sync up SQL, do another rsync then flip everything over.
  • New rainicorn is now online and functional. The boards and site will go down momentarily within the next hour or two for the cut-over.
  • If you are reading this message you are connected to new rainicorn and may proceed as normal.

    Mail/FTP services are still pending reconfiguration.
  • All services should now be properly operational including mail, ftp, and all staff SSH accounts. No details have changed so please let me know if you have any access issues.

    The old server is now being brought down.

    Downloads are again operational on wdl1.

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