Registration Issues / Avatars

edited July 2015 in News & Announcements
First, I've received several emails regarding registration not working through the site. If you want to register, visit the forums and register there until this is fixed. Your account should work on WinWorld once it is created. Secondly, I've changed the avatar settings. Avatars can no longer be linked from external websites however uploading of avatars has been fixed and the limit increased (192x192px maximum).


  • Also just a quick reminder to folks, please don't use the "General Correspondence" for questions about downloads or how to use them - those should be posted on the forum, where our forum community can assist you in a more broad and timely manner.

    Due to some ISPs blocking outgoing Winworld e-mail, we can not alway respond to GC messages (Which, in these cases would mostly be "please post this on the forums" :) )

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