After Dark Complete Collection

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Hello WinWorlders, I have been working the past few hours or so getting After Dark 3.2 and 4.0 set up on a Win98 box, but there is something missing from the version I had a long time ago. Somewhere I found a version of After Dark that contained every module (Star Trek, Totally Twisted, Classic), you name it.

I remember it having small executables for each "Addon" of modules. So far my searches have come up with nothing but the versions on this site. While I am very glad to have found it again, I wish I could find the total collection somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!


  • Wow, I must have missed results somewhere. A guy fixed the modules to work with 2000 and XP, but also included everything else, like I found before! Not sure if you guys would want this hosted (it contains all the modules), but it solves my request.
  • Yes, a thousand times yes!!!! :D
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