[OFFER] Couple of Old Drivers

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While I was sorting through my electronics tote, I found two diskettes I forgot I had.

One is labeled "Monitor INF Disk for Windows 95". It seems to contain an INF file (obviously) along with 12 different color profiles for the various Hitachi CRT monitors of the time and instructions in 6 different languages.

The other one is the drivers disk for a Linksys EtherPCI LAN Card II. Nothing special about it, just the drivers and some instructions for Windows 98 (though it includes the drivers for versions as early as Windows for Workgroups 3.11).

Anybody interested?


  • Just thought I would mention, I appreciate the offer of drivers here. A thread on another board recently was discussing how so many old drivers are locked up behind DriverGuide's malware infested downloader, or just vanished from the internet.

    I don't mind adding sufficiently unique and sufficiently vintage drivers or utility sets to Winworld if they can not be obtained elsewhere.

    In this case, the Linksys EtherPCI drivers are probably just rebadged RealTek drivers, and were very common (I think I might have some similar Linksys network driver disks floating around here). I don't know about the monitor drivers.

    Now, DOS drivers for a 9-track tape drive - that is something you aren't going to see floating around in someones random floppy disk pile.
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