[OFFER] Windows 95 RTM CD (Original Media)

Hello WinWorld,

I've come across this original Windows 95 CD (with the logo on it and everything) in my basement. I haven't installed it on any computers yet, although, from what I know, the disc has been used a few times. I know it's RTM because RTM was the only edition sold on store shelves to consumers.

I guess this is good timing because someone recently said that some of the Windows 95 dumps in the library were modified and/or repackaged in 2002.

Note: I probably won't be able to upload it for a while though. It will probably be uploaded in the next few weeks or so.




  • If is the OEM ("only for distribution with a new computer") RTM version, then yes that needs a redump.
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  • Yes, it is an OEM CD! Just don't know what manufacturer it is from.

    I'll upload the ISO as soon as I can.


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