New Mirrors

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We have made some new changes with mirrors here, including new ones! Starting today the download mirrors are no longer WDL 1-4. They are now taken after names from The Princess and the Frog. The mirror lineup is now the following.

Tiana is the original wdl2 and is provided by Rioter and is located in France.
Ray is a new mirror from Rioter located in Germany. This is active for use now.
Naveen is a new mirror from msorri that is located also in France. This is active for use now.
Facilier is a new mirror from Sorch that is located in New York. This is syncing up now and will be available upon completion.

All of our mirror providers have Yellow user names and can be found on the Infrastructure Team group page.


  • love0029.giflove0029.gif Thanks Stitch, and thanks to all those running the mirrors! love0029.giflove0029.gif

    BTW, good idea with the new names. It would get awkward explaining gaps in numbering, especially down the road as more mirrors come and go.
  • I noticed the mirrors cause i was about to make a whistler VM, and i immediately clicked the download. Thank you stitch and all those hosting mirrors! Long live WinWorld!
  • I've checked the a few of mirrors, you did very well and thanks very much to Stitch.
  • Facilier's propagation has completed and all mirrors are online. Processing may resume.
  • Thanks stitch! The USA mirror is so fast for me :). Looks like I'm gonna have to download a bunch more betas now!
  • As FinPlec sais, the US server is extremely fast. Actually it's a faster experience than before servers went down and I'm thoroughly pleased with the work here. Good job to stitch and thanks to the ones hosting these mirrors. Keep up the tremendous work guys!
  • thx stitch, now installing (i mean downloading) will be easier!

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