[Offer] Any programs from Hewlett-Packard (DOS/Windows 3.x)

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This thread is for offering any programs from Hewlett-Packard. (DOS/Windows 3.x)
I offer the verified disk image only, but I don't attach Teledisk image that is available from HP Computer Museum.

Most of them are from HP Computer Museum.


*Executive Card Manager (5.25")

Content : 2 Disk Images (5.25" 360KB - 2EA)
SHA1:d71356f9396b29e96ae328a59a6aab2dbf3926ea / Disk 1 : ECMAPPM: Application Master, 68331-1500
SHA1:465307340847fa616db8b4827d3fbf4c3b9550c2 / Disk 2 : ECMUTILM: Utility Master, 68331-15002

You can download the manual from the following URL.



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