Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4 [Request]

Will you guys ever offer Panther or Tiger for download? Just asking if it's a similar problem to the XP reasoning (I am NOT asking for XP), just wondering why you guys only offer up to Jaguar?


  • I believe that Panther is abandonware, now that Apple completely removed the ability to update it from the Software Update application. Honestly, you'll have to find it for download somewhere else (cough, Macintosh Garden, cough). And when you do, feel free to upload it here once you've tested it and found that it works. Not sure if Tiger can be considered abandonware just yet.
  • Under the Software forums, if you searched for the thread titled "MacOS X Panther & Tiger" from last February you can see the discussion that was had previously around hosting earlier OS X:

    Generally speaking despite abandonware guidelines may specify that the software is at least 7 years old (age can be subjective) and be out of support, the primary focus here tends to be on releases up to around year 2000. A part of the reason is that software prior to that can be increasingly difficult to source and so these are deemed more worthwhile having available.
  • I'm uploading Panther now. the images are in Toast format, which
    OS X can understand, hopefully older versions of OS X can read them as well. is toast an ok format to upload?
  • I forgot to mention that I got the Panther disc images from Macintosh Garden.
  • I zipped the three images into a single ZIP file, will take awhile to upload (2 GB!)
  • thank you all for a great vintage software community.
  • PowerPC is fine, Intel is not.
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