[OFFER] Microsoft Plus! 98 DE/German version

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i would like to offer an iso Image of "Microsoft PLUS! 98 - Begleitprodukt für Windows 98". This is the german version.
The english version of this abandonware is already downloadable here.

Your site helped me a lot setting up an old retro gaming rig and VM's for some nostalgic programs =)
So this contribution is my little "thx" ;)
Thank you for making this old operating systems available here.

I can also upload scans of the box, covers and inlay... if someone is actually interested in that.

Content: 1 Disk Image, ISO (297,879.55 kB)



  • Actually I would be interested in that, but I don't decide ;)
  • Hello,
    can someone point me to a "How to upload" page? Sorry, but i'm new - how does this work?

    I am not able to access the FTP server. When using the "Upload Now!" button at the library i just get an e-mail with blank login fields telling me, my login expired in 1970 ... "login will expire on: 1970-01-02 06:01 UTC"

    Have tried it multiple times without success.

    Admin, anyone?
  • The e-mail messages don't work right, but you should see the temporary account information on the page after submitting the upload name/info. I suggest bookmarking that page as you will also need to click the button on that page to indicate the upload is completed, otherwise we may not see your upload.
  • The german version of Microsoft Plus! 98 is now available at the library.
    Here is the direct link to the Application site: Click

    Thanks to SomeGuy for help.
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