[SOLVED] [Request] Onestop.MID

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[SOLVED]Hello and greetings,
Can anyone provide me with the Onestop.mid from their Windows XP install? I don't feel like installing XP just for a MIDI. I have noticed differences between playing the Onestop.mid from Windows XP/Vista/7/etc, and I prefer the XP version. Yes, the differences manifest themselves in the MIDI file itself, I've played the different versions on the same hardware, and they are different. Again, I prefer the MIDI from Windows XP.


  • Are you sure the difference actually isn't from the MIDI synthesizer?

    You can always extract the files off of the CD. Use the expand/extract tool on the disc to extract the files that have a _ as the third letter in the extension. Alternatively, it may be in a cabinet. Either way, 7-Zip can expand either.
  • $ diff -s "onestop 10.mid" "onestop xp.mid"
    Files onestop 10.mid and onestop xp.mid are identical
    $ diff -s "onestop 10.mid" "onestop me.mid"
    Files onestop 10.mid and onestop me.mid are identical
  • Huh, I guess all modern-ish Soundblaster compatibles do handle MIDIs different. That's what I used this MIDI for, because the differences between a Soundblaster 16 and a Roland JV-1080 need to be compared, in my free time of course. You can tell that from me thinking the MIDIs themselves are different shows that I don't mess with this often.
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