[Offer] Any Virus Vaccine / Anti Virus Programs

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This thread is for offer any virus vaccine / anti virus programs

*FindVirus v6.57 (3.5") (1994)

Content : 1 Disk Image (3.5" 720KB)
SHA1:d77251438116b0961e9a617aa4de79e44e35a005 / Disk 1


  • Hi there, I'm going to be messing around with old windows (95/98/200/NT) will this work on any of those... If so could you upload ASAP? Thanks in advance and just plain old thanks!!:)
  • @billiejeansonmac

    Here is Not thread for request. (Only for offer.)
    If you really want it please write on another thread.
  • Sorry I thought you were offering it... I'm still kinda new to this site :( :( . Where can I post for it then?
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