[APOLOGY] about asking for WinXP.

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Hi! I'm just posting here to say sorry for asking for Windows XP. At that time, I think Windows 10 was the newest and Windows XP was used less. Also, I don't need it anymore - I used Google. So, sorry. PS I might have asked under either suburbGira or Greatgira, not sure which one.


  • If you're wondering how I'm posting here after an IP ban, I used VPN. In Opera. So I'm apparently in the Netherlands (yay!)
  • @suburbGira_2

    You don't know forum rules on WinWorld.
    This thread is for Request of Offer, not for asking question or talking crap.

    You may know WinWorld doesn't accpet to request or offer WinXP.
  • Is this type of ban-evading even allowed?
  • pcgeek wrote:
    Is this type of ban-evading even allowed?
    I doubt it is. That's just my guess.
  • So many facepalms here.

    First, never walk in to a forum without understanding the rules. (#1 rule here do not request or upload Windows XP - Microsoft actively does not tolerate this)

    Second, if you are going to ban evade anywhere, never ever come out and SAY you are ban evading. Duuuuh. (not to mention, don't ban evade)

    Third: Misusing offer/requests (again read, the rules)

    Fourth: Multiposting - this isn't twatter.

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