[OFFER] Speedy Eggbert, & eGames Galaxy of Games Red Edition

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Hi! Here I have a Windows 95/98/ME/ Game,

Speedy Eggbert 1 (or just Speedy Eggbert)

I also have the eGames Galaxy of Games Red Edition disc, which has multiple of games on it. (The speedy eggbert above is a game this NOT included in the Red Games CD, but there is a 1.0 VALUEWARE edition in the Red Games CD

DemonStar v3.21 SE,
Crazy Puzzle SE,
Solitary Confinement,
Discover Painting For Kids,
Galaxy Slots,
Castle, VideoPoker,
Slots, Memory,
Match, Moon Buggy,
Star Miner SE, Jewel Jam SE,
Chinese Checkers SE, Raptor SE, Solitaire,
Mini Golf Master SE,
Moonshot, Nebula Fighter,
Crazy Drake SE,
Speedy Eggbert SE , Extreme B.U.G.S. SE,
Extreme B.U.G.S. SE, Garret SE,
Wendy's Word Game

If an Admin says these would be intresting, how would I contribute these?


  • Go to the Library, there's a big "Upload Now!" button there. You may also want to read the guidelines for acceptable disk formats.



    P.S. SomeGuy stated once that games get lowest priority here, so it may be a while before they're processed.
  • Just so there is no confusion, I have nothing against games here on Winworld. The final say about what is allowed or not allowed is really up to Stitch and Duff.

    But I am up to my neck in things that need to be posted, and I personally feel my time is best spent on productivity application, as many are not out there anywhere at all. Those by themselves keep me insanely busy. If I post a game, I probably got bored. :P

    Perhaps ampharos will be more likely to post some games?

    Anyway, if you really want to see a game get posted, a few things that might help expedite the process: help with the research legwork to make sure they are sufficiently abandoned and not for sale anywhere, or contains IP likely to get swatted. Also, providing as much information as possible about the title and why it is historically important. If it is on floppy disk, include a Kryoflux and/or SCP dump. If it is on CD, make sure an ISO will duplicate it to determine if it copy protected. Also pleeeeasse include media, box, and manual scans if possible.
  • SomeGuy wrote:
    Just so there is no confusion, I have nothing against games here on Winworld.
    Didn't mean it to sound like that. I was quoting an ancient post saying that productive software came first and games second, so it would take longer for those uploads to be processed. That's all, just wanted to let him know his stuff might not get looked at right away.
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