MS-DOS Emulator for Windows 98

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As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, I'm in the middle of repurposing an old PC to play MS-DOS/95/98 era games and, although I've had trouble getting drivers over to the system, I've been able to get a few games up and running on it (Screamer and Doom 1 and 2). There isn't any sound but they're still fully playable in the 640x480 resolution my system is currently tied to.

I also tried a floppy disk copy of Stunt Car Racer I had lying around. This is a much older game (1989) and although I was able to install the game through 98's native DOS environment the game wouldn't run because it was designed for EGA graphics. This got me thinking about the possibility of finding a DOSBox equivalent for Windows 98 - something that could run all the older games that Windows 98 can't run natively.

Anyone know of any such emulators?


  • You can reboot into DOS - that's half the reason to run 9x based Windows. EGA graphics do work in the windowed DOS as well - though other tricks games rely on might not.
  • This is hard to understand... VGA-compatible video cards support EGA and CGA. You should be able to restart in MS-DOS mode and run an EGA game there and have it work; perhaps there is some other issue.
  • DOSBox 0.72 runs on Windows 95/98
  • Thank you this is pretty good and work very well on my old Windows 98 computer!
  • SomeGuy wrote:
    DOSBox 0.72 runs on Windows 95/98

    Thanks very much. Once I got my graphics driver installed, 0.72 ran perfectly.

    P.S. I'm actually making this post on the old PC I'm fixing up thanks to Puppy Linux and the onboard ethernet port.
  • SomeGuy wrote:
    DOSBox 0.72 runs on Windows 95/98

    Which is odd given you can just boot into DOS mode.
  • Sure, but once and a while an application will crap out or run too fast on real hardware or need a special setup environment, and it is nice to have an emulator or two to test against without having to dig up yet another machine or moving files all over the place.
  • There are also a lot of games like Doom or Screamer that rely on old standards for sound and input options (AdLib, Soundblaster, Sidewinder to name a few) and not all PCs that run Windows 98 will have the hardware (or even the motherboard slots) to meet those standards. That's where a powerful, versatile and highly configurable emulator like DOSBox comes in.
  • best emulator ever written. It can emulate up to a Pentium MMX 233 and Voodoo2. DOS and Windows 9x
  • Unfortunately PCem is a resource hog if you want to emulate Windows 9x and stuff.
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