[REQUEST] Spongebob Teaches Typing (for the future)

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EDIT: I have more information and this post should be ignored. Thanks.

Hello, WinWorld.

I am aware that Spongebob Teaches Typing was made in 2004, and the How to make a request the proper way article says to avoid anything before 2002. However, I wanted to ask at least if anyone actually had the game, and if they could attempt to preserve it to eventually be put on this site.

I have no idea if the program is still supported or used because I can't find much, but it was made about 13 years ago so I doubt that very much.

If the software is too new for any consideration or nobody happens to own this, feel free to close this post.

Thanks, Commenter.

PS. Incase anyone needs an image or two to jog their memory about it, here are a few box photos



  • If this is a strange roundabout way to make a request for this game, I just searched spongebob teaches typing "iso" (with the quotes) on Google and found exactly the game in your pictures for download. The game seems to be for Windows XP and knowing this site's policy on the OS it might not fit the theme. Also the game is still available to buy from the publisher afaict so its not abandonware.
  • Oh ok. Nevermind then.
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