Tux Racer 1.1 Demo + Download

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We all (or maybe not...) know the good-ol' Tux Racer, right? :D
If not, here's the website:

Now, after version 0.61, they (Sunspire Studious) had some big plans: Creating a more complete (commercial) version of Tux Racer.
And they did. It didn't sell well and the company ceased to exist, and the game was abandoned, waiting to be forked by other people.
I was lucky enough to play the 1.0 version of Tux Racer, it was cool. It felt like another game compared to 0.61.
Moving on... :roll:
I recently discovered that 1.0 wasn't the final version. Patch 1.1 was the final version, and it added a big feature: Local multiplayer; and an almost unsignificant one: scoring when doing tricks.
They even released a demo for this version. Here's the title screen:


What does the demo include?
- 3 courses
- 2 characters

It seems that it even has file protection compared to the full version, so you won't be able to change a character's model/texture/color... :ugeek:

Here are some in-game screenshots:

And every time you quit, you have to see this:

Without further ado, here's the download:

Thanks for taking your time to read! :mrgreen:


  • Very informative. Was the game really that uncommon?

    I thought it was over all a very attractive game, but the full version didn't seem to add all that much over the original demo.
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