PCMCIA Ethernet card; will it work with my eMate 300?

edited July 2017 in Hardware

Today at the thrift store I found a Linksys Etherfast Integrated PC card for $5.99 thinking it would work with my eMate 300 because it uses the for the era standard 16 bit PCMCIA card bus expansion slot. It says only works on MS-DOS through to Windows XP though I wanted to give it a shot. I opened up the box and everything was there; floppy discs, the card itself, the manuals and the Ethernet cable. This card has a 10/100 Mbps data transfer rate which is not bad.

I plug it in to my eMate 300 (Made by Apple in 1998) and it fit! Though when I boot it up and plugged in the card, it says it's not recognizable. It does detect the card, it's just that the eMate is like "Da hell of a card did yu just give me m8? da faq is thiz shish?". All comedy aside it says it couldn't detect what the card was and did nothing. Anyone know any fixes to get it to work? Or is it just a Windows / DOS only card? If it doesn't work that's OK, if I get my hands on an old PC with the 16 bit PCMCIA expansion slot I can use it like that though it would be cool to get it to work on my eMate.



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