Did I buy the right RAM?

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The Pack-Mate III 286:

At the moment it has it's standard, 1MB of ram (4 x 256KB ram sticks).

The ram modules say SIMM1,SIMM2,SIMM3,SIMM4 beside them, and I noticed that on the sticks themselves it says "30".

I take this to mean I should use 30pin SIMM.

I found an ebay listing for 4mb 30pin simm ram (4x 1mb sticks), and I bought it. The listing says the RAM works and provides screen shots.

Should I expect the RAM to work when I finally get and install it, or did I miss something?


  • You probably did get it right, and if so you can probably return it, or resell it the worse case.
  • There is only one 30-pin simm format. When in doubt, count the leads.
    Your box can take 4mb max.

    Your bios may scream about changed ram, should be it.

  • It should work considering your BIOS setup utility doesn't puke over the added 4 MB of RAM, but if it doesn't that probably means that your PC has too much RAM or the RAM is dead. I wish the best of luck :)
  • The 30-pin simms also have a speed rating.
    My GW2000 386 25 MHz PC originally used 80 ns simms.
    When I upgraded the memory, I used all 70 ns simms that worked fine.
    As long as you use faster simms than recommended, they should work ok.
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