[OFFER] Microsoft Encarta 2007 Premium (Plus a question)

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Hi :)

About 2 - 3 weeks ago at my local secondhand shop I found two things; Windows 7 Home Premium, and Microsoft Encarta 2007 Premium. Those two items both cost $4.00 CAD. I tested if they worked and they did! So I though: Maybe someone would like the ISO's? **NOT THE WINDOWS 7 ISO, IT'S STILL SUPPORTED**, but the Encarta ISO's.

(The question)
l l l l
Though I had a second thought: What if it's too new for WinWorldPC? I already read over the "forum topic on how to make a request the right way before making a request!" up top and Encarta 2007 would seem to be OK for WWPC, though I would want to make a second question just to be sure. (And I did research Wikipedia, and Encarta is now unsupported).

If it can get honoured, I'd be happy to make ISO's of Encarta and upload it.

(My proof of research)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encarta (Scroll down and look to the right of the page)


  • If it's not going to be accepted by WinWorld, you can always still provide a download link for anyone to get it, like under Google Drive or something. As someone who's interested in ancient and outdated reference software, this is something I'd like to have a look at :P

    I have Microsoft Bookshelf on one of the VMs I have and damn, that is many years behind now from all the events that have happened since its release.
  • Like Bry89 said, it might be quite new still but you can still provide a link to something like Google Drive or Dropbox etc if you wanted. I am fascinated by any type of old software so this would be of great pleasure to look at.
  • Ok, I will attempt to upload the Installer ISO to WWPC and if it doesn't get accepted I'll try to get it to a Google Drive or my Dropbox.
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